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OBJECTIVE: To empower children, physically, technically, tactically and emotionally by playing soccer so that in the future they can be productive people for society and can face their life projects.

MISSION: To organize, plan and provide social, emotional and sports for children to have a positive development, thereby leading to positive learning.

VISION: Being a youth soccer institution our goal is to develop as many children as possible that are able to compete in any area of their life being disciplined, honest, responsible, organized and having character.


Willy Roy Soccer Sat Youth League
      Week #2   15-Feb      
Div Field A     Time Field B     Div
U-14 Mayas 2006 VS SSA 2007/08 9:00 AM SSA Girls 09/10 (Avalos) VS Atl Dobladense U-10
U-14 Mayas 2007 VS SSA 2006 9:45 AM Harvey Dragons Girls 05/06 VS SSA Girls 04/05 U-16G
U-12 FC 2009 Sacramento VS SSA 2009/10 (J Laguans) 10:30 AM Dragons U-8 VS SSA Girls 2010 (Gonzalez) U-9
U-12 SSA Girls 07/08 (Lagunas) VS SSA 2010/11 (Cabrera) 11:15 AM FC 2007/08 VS SSA 2006 Navy U-14
U-23W SSA Girls 04/05 VS SSA 2002/03  Girls 12:00 PM SSA 2004 Navy VS Atlas Alvarez U-16 
U-10 SSA 2010/11 (Cabrera) VS SSA 2011/12/13 (Garcia/Monica) 12:45 PM SSA Girls 2007/08 VS HF Girls U-16G
U-16  SSA 2006 Premier VS Joliet SA 2004/05 1:30 PM SSA 2011/12/13 (Garcia/Monica) VS SSA Girls 11/12 (Gonzalez) U-9
U-23W Las Bulldogs  VS SSA U23 2:15 PM SSA 04/05 Sky VS SSA 2005 U-16 
U-6 Dragons  VS SSA Girls 11:00 AM        
U-6 Dragons  VS SSA Boys 2014/15 12:00 PM        
U-5 Little Stingers 3,4,5 year olds     1:00 PM        

by posted 02/13/2020
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